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7pm, Friday 26 September 2014

King With No Throne + The Scapegoats + support


451 Queensbridge Road, London E8 3AS


Tickets: £5 in advance, £7 on the door

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King With No Throne

King With No Throne are an electro-trance, trip-hop band that uses a fine balance between traditional acoustic instruments and technology, such as keys and backing tracks to produce a sound that can comfortably fill any venue large or small. Members Reto Wittwer (vocals, guitar, keys and composition) and Kasem Chouja (drums, composition) are based in London where they record, write music and play gigs.

Whilst not being a rock band, fans describe King With No Throne as one that would do very well playing their music in festivals, large stages or stadiums and in certain dance type clubs. The music is highly visual and they incorporate this element increasingly of late. Over the past year we have played in Switzerland’s Das Festival with Simple Minds and venues in Germany and London.

The band aspires to play their music within an innovative context where image, sound and performance can come together to give the audience something deep and deserving of their time, energy and support.

For the past two months King With No Throne have been composing new material with the aim to record in June and to launch a series of gigs to promote their new recording.