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7pm, Tuesday 5 August 2014

Mad’zelle + Mr. Flee’s Mysterious Blues Experience + Lu Gertsky + Issytunes


44 Essex Road, Islington, London N1 8LN

18 +

Tickets: £4 in advance, £5 on the door

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Bitter sweet Ballads’s from a Barcelona heart whose romantic disposition led her to Paris in which of course she found love, giving her the inspiration and heady depths of melancholia to write songs such as these.


Mr. Flee's Mysterious Blues Experience

Once described as “revolution through deconstruction”, The Mysterious Blues Experience is drink and dirty slap-fest in the back of a truck stop bathroom. Bordello blues and snake-like grooves to tickle, tease and amuse.

The story of MBE begins in a damp garage in Johannesburg, South Africa with brothers Kevin and Mark, and an eclectic collection of classic rock, blues and jazz. “Listening to music was one thing,” says Kevin S Flee, ” but being part of its creation was something magical. The electric guitar makes me feel like Orpheus or Pan – even if just in my head.”

Joining forces with childhood friend Chris Vendetta, the trio began playing shows as The Death Valley Blues Band across the country. From seedy pubs to house parties, they played for pretty much anyone who would put them on a stage. Yet behind the tequila fueled debauchery was a desire for more. “No matter what size the audience was or how old they were or what ‘scene’ they belonged to, we always had people dancing,” says Flee. “I firmly believe if you can make people dance, you can change the world.”

The next 8 years ushered in a variety of personnel changes, and now it is in the heart of London’s dirtiest rehearsal studios that The Mysterious Blues Experience are getting ready to bring the blues to its knees.


Lu Gertsky

Lu Gertsky is a Singer/Songwriter based in London. Pulling from life experiences and observations
she likes to write songs that capture moments blending folk storytelling with unique vocals and
melodic harmonies.

After years of playing in various bands she released her first album “Everyday Circus” in October 2013.
With the Album now completed she is writing new material in preparation for upcoming
gigs in London, and is in the process of putting a band together.



A mellow, chilled out, 20-year-old singer-songwriter from Cape Town, who has been playing for 7 years and performing for only two in both Cape Town and London. The music involves a mixture of covers and original stuff and whilst the guitar work is relatively basic, the music itself is lyric based and is written to be listened too.