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7pm, Thursday 30 January 2014

The Dark Rays + Jordan Laughlin + Joe Mills + GADD


373 Commercial Road, London E1 0LA


Tickets: £4 in advance, £5 on the door

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Jordan Laughlin

Jordan Laughlin is a songwriter originating from Gosport and has been gigging around London for 3 years. Influenced by grunge and folk artists the live music and performance speaks for itself. Nick Mackay is often a key feature in the live act playing Djembe. Jordan is currently recording his debut album ‘Memos’ with a collaborative effort from many other musicians and friends.


The Dark Rays

“And if you would join me
we’ll stop bad living
We’ll take hold of today and start forgiving us
Intentions clear, abandon fear, just hold me closer than your tears
You know we’ll feel the need to try
Real living once before we die”

——from ‘Real Living’

Two guys and an itch that has to be scratched… What happens when you wake up one day and realise David Byrne was on to something? This is not my beautiful life! Well, you buy a drumkit, plug in the acoustic guitar and stick it to the man. This is how The Dark Rays was formed. Fed up with nodding agreement to sentiment, the Dark Rays hit the rehearsal rooms of Deptford and forged a sound guaranteed to get your heart pumping.


Joe Mills

Joe began his musical career by busking on the streets of Petersfield, Guildford and Chichester, when he was raising money for a trip to Greenland. This led to him being asked to come along to various open mic nights, and even being asked to play at a few weddings and functions. Since then he has come a long way, and is now has quite a profile in the local area through his busking, open mic nights and the various other style gigs that he plays.

Joe is living in Haslemere and is currently studying Music at the BRIT School in Croydon.



Based in London playing Alt. Southern Rock in his project Gadd & Devils and Heavy Metal with Night Screamer which you can hear more of on his website. He loves to Rock and Smash the stage! Whether they are full blown electric or Solo acoustic, covers or originals, you won’t be able to stop yourself from moving your feet to his groove.