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7.15pm, Thursday 13 February 2014

PocketClub + South Town Lost + JEEPS + Nishe + Under the Sun


1 Malden Road, London NW5 3HS


Tickets: £5 in advance, £6 on the door

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A Camden based four piece featuring a fervent front-man, wailing pop melodies and heartfelt hooks over raw riff based rock.


South Town Lost

South London band playing original blues rock soul.



The current backbone of JEEPS are Glen Strachan and Edvina Fahlqvist, who met in Berlin early in 2011. Edvina’s experience of singing vocal harmonies in Sweden gelled surprisingly well with Glen’s acoustic punk approach, and before long they were playing eclectic sets in Germany & attracting attention from international promoters. Having played shows around France, Sweden, Germany & Ireland, JEEPS travelled as a duo to New York & played legendary venues such as Webster Hall and Sidewalk.

Now settling in London, JEEPS have already played some remarkable shows, drawing superlative responses from underground press & a diverse audience. It’s not unusual to see teenagers standing alongside veteran hippies witnessing a JEEPS performance, bonding over the music and whistling a melody on their way home beneath the London subfusc.

Reviewers lucky enough to have witnessed the JEEPS experience are falling over themselves to define their sound, with efforts ranging from comparisons to Simon & Garfunkel, Brian Eno and Nirvana to genre-stamping with grunge, progressive folk and dream pop. Bless ’em. Bands tragically assigned to the same bill as JEEPS invariably quit the entertainment industry the moment JEEPS takes to the stage, a feat which has been highly beneficial to the struggling UK economy as reams of ill-starred artistes forge back to the rat race in their solemn droves.


Nishe 2

Nishe are a three-piece Alternative/Indie-Rock band based in London consisting of Giovanni Zappa (lead vocals, guitar), Harold Wilson (bass, backing vocals) and Thomas Romer-Smith (drums, backing vocals).

They played their first note together in August 2013, immediately finding the perfect alchemy that made everyone understand the band was a force to be reckoned with.
The solid, tight and crunchy sound of these three young boys with an eclectic taste perfectly matches with the songs written by Giovanni Zappa, a surprising blend of catchy melodies and energetic riffs.

Though unassuming in their simple appearance, the three guys barely out of their teens drop a payload of excitement and energy to every show, having the talent to amaze by being unexpected; they surely know how to surprise, taking it to a whole other level… they are Nishe!

Their first four song EP is now out for everyone to check out, and if you like it definitely go to see them live!


Under The Sun (formerly Crammed) are an eclectic-indie-prog-pop-rock band based in East London. Influenced by the mid-90s American rock scene and noughties Brit rock, their music combines blues licks and jazz changes with strong vocal harmonies and good ol’ fashioned guitar solos. Much of their music is piano-led, but not in isolation: their unique sound comes from combining this with strong counter melodies from both guitars and strong backing vocals.