22/04/14 – SURYA

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7pm, Tuesday 22 April 2014

Luna Moon + Omarose + CuzN + Nina Rubesa


156 Pentonville Road, London N1 9JL

18 +

Tickets: £4 in advance, £5 on the door

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Luna Moon is loop-weaver, song-writer and multi-instrumentalist. She uses bass, vocal percussion and harmony to create songs that are beautifully atmospheric. Influenced heavily by worship music her sound is minimal, hymnal and highly original.



Soul. Funk. Pop. RnB. It’s one hell of a mixture. The musical stylings of the up and coming soultress, Omarose, is infused with a synergy of sound and melody that is currently lacking in mainstream music.

From the first note you know that Omarose grew up on a diet of soul. Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye form the bedrock of her melodies and inspire her colourful harmonies. The sound is eclectic, energising and down to earth. Her fans will recognise the strong influence icons such as Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and Janelle Monae have on her musical catalogue.

There is a unique Omarose sound; it makes you want to dance, it gets you off your feet. It”s reminds you of those endless nights dancing to your favourite tunes. Listening, you are reminded of the days when Soul and RnB dominated the airwaves. Omarose’s break-out single “Hostel” is an inspired neo soul groove which highlights her creative writing style, matched with a kick-ass beat. Simply put, it’s a hit. Omarose is a writer, producer and collaborator. She continues to work with other UK-based writers / producers to create a sound that evokes the very best of pop and RnB. The results are fresh, original and enticing.



CuzN is a singer-songwriter.


Nina Rubesa

Nina Rubesa was born in a small town in Switzerland before moving to Canada, the USA, Belgium and the UK. She spent two years in Leicester doing a Foundation degree in acting before finally moving to the bustling city of London town. Nina has recently been played on Tom Robinson’s BBC 6 music show and featured on the music blog “Music Muso” who have helped many artists in their infancy stage such as Tom Odell and Ben Howard.

Writing has been in her blood since the very beginning. What started out as stories and poems eventually led to the craft of songwriting. The power of words has always been a fascination and inspiration throughout her roller coaster ride of a childhood.

This year Nina plans to release her first Ep followed by a UK tour. She is influenced by Bob Dylan’s songwriting, Katie Melua’s soul, Matt Andersen’s honesty and P!nk’s dynamic sound. Hopefully the Ep will capture all of this.

“Vibrant and Engaging” … Arts in Leicester