16/04/14 – THE MILLER

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7pm, Wednesday 16 April 2014

Starlight Theatre + Afterfleurs + K.C. McKanzie + Anin Rose + Declan Carrier


96 Snowsfields, London SE1 3SS

18 +

Tickets: £5 in advance, £7 on the door

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Starlight Theatre

After completing a national tour (2012) with Australian pop rock darlings ‘Evermore’, Starlight Theatre bunkered down and focused on writing, going as far as sending singer Jason Tarau on a writing/recording expedition to the United States to work with platinum selling songsmith/producer Adrian Newman (The Veronicas/Plain White Tees/Hedley). Adrian himself working on a pro bono basis, due to strong belief in the initial demos sent to him by the band. After working on the songs for two weeks, Jason flew to meet the rest of the band in London in order to fulfill performance commitments.

Starlight Theatre relocated to London in August 2013 in order to follow up momentum created by their single ‘The Window’, which had received UK radio play during 2012. Before taking the leap, Starlight Theatre decided to record a further single ‘The Sweetness’ mixed by Pedro Ferreira (The Darkness) and mastered by Joe LaPorta (Imagine Dragons/The Killers) for a soon to be announced release date in the United Kingdom and worldwide via iTunes.

Drummer Josh Burnett had this to say about recording the new single; “I was confident in the song before we went in, as we demo songs extensively, but I was still surprised at how well it came together on a new level once we were in the studio. It’s got my favourite balance of melodic vocals while still being interesting on a musical level”.

Since arriving in London the quartet hasn’t stopped; touring extensively, including festival performances and media opportunities. The latter including their first spin and interview on BBC Radio.



AfterFleurs, a four piece outfit from South London who in only a year of being together have graced a sundry of London’s most prolific gig venues adopting a mass of loyal fans with their infectious sound of guitar rock n roll and their energetic passion for live performances.


KC McKanzie

K.C. McKanzie writes songs. She uses an electric guitar and her voice to craft a story that will mesmerize and entertain you. Her style lies somewhere between the strength of P.J. Harvey and the subtlety of Gillian Welch. Coming from a folk background and having toured Europe for 8 years she now steps onto a new level of her artistry.
“I needed a tool to express more power and endurance for these new songs. The electric guitar provides a wider range of possibilities and looping some sounds helps me build structure and rhythm where I need a foundation for emotional lyrics.”
Her new songs have not been recorded yet but she is working on the new material at the moment with long time collaborator and bandmate Budi.


This soulful singer takes a new approach to pop with her gospel-inspired vocals and jazzy harmonic sense. Along with her band she takes modern pop music and fine tunes it


Declan Carrier

An Australian Singer/Songwriter living in foggy London town. Straight from the Northern beaches of Sydney with a passion for acoustic music and entertaining.