10/04/14 – BUFFALO BAR

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7.15pm, Thursday 10 April 2014

StoneThief + Tommy and the Guns + Jimmy Getaway & The Friends + JEEPS + Black Hay


259 Upper Street, Islington, London N1 1RU ‎

18 +

Tickets: £5 in advance, £7 on the door

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StoneThief are a melodic alternative rock band from South London.

With several gigs around London under their belt, including prestigious venues such as the 100 Club, Underbelly and The Water Rats, StoneThief have released their eponymous debut album “StoneThief”, available as a digital download and in vinyl-style CD format. These decidedly upbeat compositions showcase the band’s different strengths that promise to set them apart from the many other groups currently vying for the spotlight in today’s crowded alternative musical landscape.

StoneThief breathe new life into the ubiquitous guitar; lead guitar/ bass guitar and drums template, by ensuring that each of these elements are stretched out to their full aural potential: bell clear vocals dripping
with feeling; slicing crunchy guitar riffs that turn sweet and foppish at the drop of a hat, all tied down with a monster rhythm section that is as phat as it is articulate.

For fans of The Coral, Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys and Red Hot Chili Peppers.


Tommy and the Guns

London based band formed in 2011 due to our mutual love of music and the hope of getting laid. Playing all original material which has been described as some as very annoying and others as just nice. Always give a great live performance so be sure to come along.


Jimmy Getaway & The Friends

Jimmy Getaway & The Friends are a Rock group, writing and playing their own original material. bassist Ben Edwards, guitarist Nicki Boiardi and drummer Peter Restrick are world class musicians, playing in a wide variety of styles; mysterious punk-poet Jimmy Getaway performs mesmerisingly as the front-man.



The current backbone of JEEPS are Glen Strachan and Edvina Fahlqvist, who met in Berlin early in 2011. Edvina’s experience of singing vocal harmonies in Sweden gelled surprisingly well with Glen’s acoustic punk approach, and before long they were playing eclectic sets in Germany & attracting attention from international promoters. Having played shows around France, Sweden, Germany & Ireland, JEEPS travelled as a duo to New York & played legendary venues such as Webster Hall and Sidewalk.

Now settling in London, JEEPS have already played some remarkable shows, drawing superlative responses from underground press & a diverse audience. It’s not unusual to see teenagers standing alongside veteran hippies witnessing a JEEPS performance, bonding over the music and whistling a melody on their way home beneath the London subfusc.

Reviewers lucky enough to have witnessed the JEEPS experience are falling over themselves to define their sound, with efforts ranging from comparisons to Simon & Garfunkel, Brian Eno and Nirvana to genre-stamping with grunge, progressive folk and dream pop. Bless ’em. Bands tragically assigned to the same bill as JEEPS invariably quit the entertainment industry the moment JEEPS takes to the stage, a feat which has been highly beneficial to the struggling UK economy as reams of ill-starred artistes forge back to the rat race in their solemn droves.


Black Hay

Black Hay have been described as “Worse than Leonard Cohen”, “A voice you’d roll over in bed for”, and “Garage rock meets jazz, rockabilly meets gothic and country meets punk.”

Black Hay comprises singer and songwriter Gideon K, guitarist Jack Kenny, and bassist Rotem Haguel.

The band plays a twisted, relentlessly grooving brand of rock n roll – guitar music you can dance to despite eschewing drums altogether.

Black Hay have recently released their debut album ‘Romantic Music For Perverts’. According to Neil at mynewfavouriteband “They sound like songs way beyond a debut from an unsigned artist”.