02/04/14 – NEW CROSS INN

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8pm, Wednesday 2 April 2014

Überkill + Faraday Cage + The Dark Rays


323A New Cross Road, London SE14 6AS

18 +

Tickets: £4 in advance, £5 on the door

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Überkill was created in 2012 by like minded, experienced musicians in their twenties and thirties. The band recorded their first EP in early 2013.

With a thirst for rock and a healthy appetite for the thrill of performance, they play our own material and the occasional cover for their shows, which have been described in the press as being, ‘great fun, high energy gigs fuelled by a good dose of rock’n’roll!’.

Born from the ash of a Channel 5 boat explosion, engineered with East-German precision and led by the Energizer Bunny of sex-obsessed front men. This is Überkill.

“…London heavy rockers Uberkill. Their melodic brand of heavy rock, with obvious influence from the classic rock supremos of yesteryear give them a modern edge with a comforting familiarity, like they’ve been your favourite band for years and they can certainly write a corking riff!”


Faraday Cage

Faraday Cage are a 4-piece band of brothers and friends from the suburbs of South-East London. They experiment with their sound, creating mixtures of lo-fi alt rock, indie-pop, post rock and psychedelic vibes all with the intention of making you dance.


The Dark Rays

“And if you would join me
we’ll stop bad living
We’ll take hold of today and start forgiving us
Intentions clear, abandon fear, just hold me closer than your tears
You know we’ll feel the need to try
Real living once before we die”

——from ‘Real Living’

Two guys and an itch that has to be scratched… What happens when you wake up one day and realise David Byrne was on to something? This is not my beautiful life! Well, you buy a drumkit, plug in the acoustic guitar and stick it to the man. This is how The Dark Rays was formed. Fed up with nodding agreement to sentiment, the Dark Rays hit the rehearsal rooms of Deptford and forged a sound guaranteed to get your heart pumping.