21/11/13 – SURYA

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7pm, Thursday 21st November 2013

Cengiztheband + Spectral Darkwave + R.I.P Sanity + Dire Insanity + Lost Gravity


156 Pentonville Road, London N1 9JL


Tickets: £5 in advance, £7 on the door



Cengiztheband are a three-piece punk rock and metal band based in London.


Spectral Darkwave

Formed in a trans-continental pact between twin brothers Steve (Guitar/Vocals) and Dan Kennedy (Drums), the symphonic death metal of London based Spectral Darkwave captures but a fragment of the darkness that humanity has inflicted upon nature throughout its past, present and future.

Influenced by the limitless possibilities outlined in early computer music, the bands grinding rhythms and twisted melodies deliver a crushing reminder of the depravities carried out in the name of human progress. Wrought in soaring strings and epic orchestral flourishes, the band offers a live experience unmatched on the unsigned circuit.

The members of the band have a pedigree of previous success in the music industry with hundreds of shows and a slew of releases with previous outfits ‘Deeds of the Nameless’ and ‘Serum’ stretching back over a decade – so their live show is not one to be missed, especially if the venue allows them use of the green, alchemical flame they pack in their flight cases.

Long-time collaborator Ben Bueno (Bass) has recently completed the line-up and with a debut album to be released in Autumn, Spectral Darkwave are looking to take their grand venture to the ears of the metal masses around the country, world and multiverse in 2013.


RIP Sanity

R.I.P. Sanity was born of darkness and despair. Despair at the capitalist machine which consumes all humanity, dignity, sanity and rears its ugly head to spit the remains. Despair at the government who betray, constrict and strangulate through words and a ruling fist of hypocrisy and lies.
They’re here to make a stand, to make their voices heard and to deliver a message of angst, defiance and strength. The only way to deliver this message to the masses is METAL. Gut-wrenching, destructive, angry, thrash metal – the voice of R.I.P. Sanity.

Formed in the winter of 2009 by guitarists Az and Sarah, both quickly realised they had metal at their finger tips ready to be unleashed. Next came the talented bone crushing drummer Ivo Yordanov, trained by metal drumming legend Randy Black. Into the fray arrived a vocalist who had a voice with enough metal to match the riffs – enter Rich. Now with Victor bringing a thunderous bass sound like none other, we’re ready to fully explode like a bone crushing juggernaut of metal brutality. You’ll head-bang till it feels broken, and smile like a fool while doing so. Venues and audiences wont know what just happened.

Now there is nothing the band will stop at to deliver their message of defiance through metal.
“Nothing is infinite, only constant. Everything ends.” R.I.P. SANITY.


Dire Insanity

Dire Insanity are a Progressive/Melodic Death Metal band based in London.

Founded by guitarist Joseph Pike and bassist Kiran Weerasekera in early 2010, Dire Insanity have developed a fanbase in South West London and Guildford after making an effort to gig extensively. After barely six months as a complete lineup, the 6-piece already had an impressive list of accomplishments, including attracting the interest of Inside Out Records, supporting Breed 77, supporting Mortad and more.

Dire Insanity released their debut EP,’My Escape: Home Recordings EP’ in May 2013 and are in the process of promoting the EP through online presense and extensively playing live shows.


Lost Gravity

True Rockers!! LOST GRAVITY have managed to mix their main influences into something original, groovy, with memorable guitar riffs and catchy melodies.

Formed in London UK in 2007 by Brazilian guitarist Breno Val, the band have been rocking all over the place doing what they can do best, playing rock’n’roll!

Think a South American Alice in Chains/Metallica vibe, have a couple of Guinness, crank the volume up and you’re on the right track!

Have you LOST GRAVITY yet?